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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Professional Growth Plan

Between the four of us, we teach second, third and fourth grade.  This year we're hoping to share our teaching with those of you in the blogging world.  We hope you'll join us as we share our goals and reflections throughout this school year.

As part of our professional growth this year we hope to do the following:
*read professional articles and/or books in the area(s) we will grow in as teachers this school year and beyond (and share our reviews and thoughts on the literature and our use of it in our classrooms via our blog)
*use past professional conferences and resources gained to collaborate on and implement in our classrooms (and post the resources and the conference's impact in our classrooms on our blog)
*blog about our daily experiences in the classroom in order to collaboratively comment on each other's successes and struggles while offering support, ideas and feedback
*provide resources (literature, web sites, lesson plans, student samples, etc) for other teachers who find our blog

We'd love it if other teachers "tuned in" to our blog on a regular basis to join in our "discussions" (via our comments) and offer additional resources and teacher brain power in all areas of the teaching realm.

We look forward to getting started because we are now--



  1. This is definitely the 21st century way to document professional growth. I am excited to become a more reflective professional, and an agent for change. Collaboration will be done in a new way, a better way for busy teachers!

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